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FRANK? Hello this is who you're looking for. I respond to basically any iteration of my dog-given name, Frances. Yes, it’s definitely a female human name, it’s spelled with an E. I’m a designer & artist of many things. To be specific I like to make weird things in HTML & JQuery, I like to make people smile in small details, I also like to have a wide range in my visual styles. To be even more specific, here’s my resumé. I come from the Midwest and currently am livin’ la vida loca in Minneapolis. My mom says our family is related to the famous painter, Jan Van Eyck, although that’s never been proven. I don’t do plants very well, but I’m a pretty good parent to my adoptive basset hound son, Ody. I find myself collecting playing cards for no good reason & my favorite holiday is Halloween. I’ve been to Japan and really want to go back. So, what do you think? I definitely want to work with you on a project or just chat with you about your personal ranking of favorite berries to least favorite berries. ♥