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Thing of the Month

Thing of the Month (T.O.M.) is an ongoing creative challenge at JOYCE. Each month, we design and produce a product to sell in the Joyce store online and off-line. Products range from apparel, stickers, beach towels, bags and more. I created the full brand identity system for T.O.M. as well as collateral elements that are shipped with each Thing.

Brand system, Product design, Packaging

January: A long sleeve crew neck shirt with a print on each sleeve. Snowdrifts, snow emergencies and the wintery sads. Shit's getting heavy up North. Available online.

tom tom tom
tom tom tom

April: Classic dad hat to adorn your head while a beer's in hand. Wavy whacky inflatable tube (wo)man frees her nipples. Available online.

tom tom

May: Lucky pastel pink mesh baggu. Fill with whatever brings you luck and fortune. Available online.

tom tom

More to be added.
Photography: Nylonsaddle


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